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This is list of Discord channels by Maamedia. Maamedia use currently two Discord servers: Maamedia and Masymanwiki.

List[edit | edit source]

Caption text
Channel name Language Description
general Any General discussion about Maamedia, its activities and scope.
wikis Any (mainly English) Discussion related to Maamedia wikis: designing new wikis, deleting (or changing the subject of old wikis), editing, permissions, images, and generally anything related to Maamedia wikis in any way.
stewards English Restricted access!

On this channel, only Maamedia Stewards can discuss with each other various issues related to Maamedia or its maintenance.

general English You can reach Maamedia Stewards from this channel. You can ask a steward here to do something on the wiki, even though the right place to request one is on the Meta-Wiki.
metawiki Any (mainly English) Meta-Wiki related issues; this channel only discusses things and thoughts related to Maamedia Meta.
images-and-logos Any Here you can discuss possible exchanges of logos and other images (for example, party logos, etc.). They can be featured here, and later uploaded or deployed to the Commons-Wiki (media repository).
off-topic Any Here the conversation is very free! You can even ask for news.
sysadmins Any (mainly English) On this channel you will find Maamedia System administrators (sysadmins) who take care of and work behind Maamedia wikis. Bug reports are preferably submitted to Phabricator or the Discord channel #bugs.
bugs Any This is a bug and error channel; you can also report bugs here. Remember that the same reports can also be sent to Meta-Wiki or Phabricator!
administrators Any From this channel you can reach Maamedia wiki administrators. You can ask them for activities or tips here. The administrators of Masymanwiki wikis can be found on Masymanwiki's own Discord server.
global-sysops Any Global sysops own channel; you can ask them for actions. You can also ask Steward to do something on the channel #steward-requests.
checkusers English Restricted access!

A place where CheckUsers of each Maamedia wiki discuss.

maamedia-office English Maamedia office common channel; for example, monetary issues and other (non-government) issues.
policies Any (mainly English) Discussion of general practices and policies of Maamedia. Through this channel, you can also suggest new policies or change them. You can also ask for more information about them or discuss what works and what doesn’t.
translations Any Discussion of Maamedia translations and the Translation Team. On this Discord channel you will find translators, translation administrators and Translation Team members.
act English Restricted access!

This channel is restricted to members of the Account Creator Team (ACT).

rename Any (mainly English) Global renamers and stewards. Coordination and discussion between users involved in globally renaming accounts.
maamedia-coding Any Discussion of Maamedia coding. Through this channel, you can ask for Maamedia code or get yourself possible tasks to improve the operation of Maamedia wikis.
maamediatools Any Maamedia Tools main channel. You can send development suggestions and bug notifications to the channel, but remember Phabricator.
vandalism Any A channel for talking about vandalism: ideas for new methods of action and control tools.
bans Any (mainly English) Channel related to wiki bans/blocks/locks. Here you can found Maamedia Stewards, Office-IT and Trust & Safety.
bureaucrats Any A channel where Maamedia wiki bureaucrats talk to each other. Masymanwiki bureaucrats can be found on the Masymanwiki Discord server.
privacy Any (mainly English) A channel related to Maamedia privacy and security; however, do not post risks here.
datawiki Any Channel for Maamedia Data-Wiki. Here you can discuss the general issues of the Data-Wiki, its scope and changes, etc.
idwiki Indonesian and English Indonesian Masymanwiki official channel.
github-commits This channel does not speak: Channel for GitHub commits (Maamedia repository mw-config).