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This is official Maamedia wikis Privacy policy.
Privacy Policy
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This only applies to Maamedia wikis. Maamedia has provided a social media service, which means that this privacy policy does not apply to it.
This Privacy Policy applies to all users of the all Maamedia wikis. Each time you create a new account or create a new Masymanwiki article, you agree to the Privacy Policy.

Information collected by Maamedia


Maamedia collects information about registered users, but it is not published anywhere. Among other things, CheckUsers have the right to search for the correct IP address of any user, but it is secret and CheckUsers are trustworthy. Maamedia collects the following information about registered users:

  • IP address, and modifications made to them: If the edit is made by a user, the IP address will not be displayed. However, it is possible to make edits to the IP address so that it is visible to everyone. Under no circumstances will the user's IP address be published.
  • Real name (if it is set. This is not required).
  • Current (verified) email address. Among other things, EditUser sees it, but it is not published under any circumstances.
  • Username.
  • Date and place of registration.
  • Interface language and skin
  • If you make edits, anyone can see and view them. Later in this privacy policy, we will review what information any user can see on the wiki.

IP Addresses

Maamedia never receives information about an IP address that has only read the wiki. Those who make an edit with an IP address will leave a mark for everyone to see. Maamedia collects the following information from the (edited) IP address in the database and possibly also in the wiki for the public:

  • Country and place
  • Telecom operator
  • Time and timezone

What all users see

Anyone, usually including IP addresses, i.e. unregistered users can see the edits made by any user. You can see more in user groups, but only registered users can access user groups. Among other things, administrators can see some hidden edits, and can also hide edits. However, all users will see at least the following:

  • Registration time and first edit
  • Possible user groups
  • Possible userpage and talkpage
  • Public logs (include block log)
  • Uploads (files)
  • Created pages and other (public) page actions

Emailing to other users

All Maamedia wikis can be used to send an e-mail to the user using the EmailUser function. However, this requires that both parties (sender and recipient) have set a valid email address. When another user sends another email from the wiki, they do not yet receive the recipient's email. If the recipient replies to the message, the sender will know the email address. If the sender does not reply to the message, he or she will not be able to know the e-mail address (unless it is publicly visible). This is done to protect wiki users from non-public information. Some people only want to give their email address to selected people. The e-mail message cannot be found by any Maamedia user, but CheckUser can see when and from which IP address the message was sent. However, the recipient is not visible to CheckUser because it is just a random string.

Registering and user page


Anyone can register on the Maamedia wiki. It can be done from any Maamedia wiki. The user can later be made global, so that all Maamedia wikis can be logged in with the same account and password, and then the user will also appear on the CentralAuth page. All registered users are stored in Maamedia's wiki databases, but no password or other public information is displayed there. No one can find out the password unless the user tells them to. Maamedia is not responsible for passwords or their dissemination, nor for the actions of the user: users are themselves responsible for what they publish and under what name they navigate.

User page

Any registered user can create a personal user page. It should be clear and truthful: there the user can tell themselves what they want, or what they are familiar with or what things they edit on the wiki. Later, when the user account is global, it is possible to create a global user page, which will automatically appear on all Maamedia wikis. However, the user page is by no means mandatory.

The user page is visible to everyone. If you want to erase previous edits (if for shame, for example), you can ask your local administrator to delete the user page. The author of the page may request the removal of the page and the administrator must delete it.

Opportunities for a registered user

Creating a new user on a wiki opens up a lot of different possibilities for doing and editing things. Among other things, "Preferences" opens. From there, only registered users can change settings such as skins, timezone, gadgets, thumbnails and edit modes, and more.

  • Move pages
  • Create new user accounts (but usually alternative accounts must be told)
  • Edit pages
  • Send email to other users (if you and the recipient have a verified and working email address)
  • Create pages (which are not discussion pages) (policies. Vandalism pages and other unreasonable content will be removed quickly.)
  • Create discussion pages
  • Edit your own preferences
  • Ability to create your own Common.css and Common.js pages that allow you to customize only your own interface. No one but interface-admin can edit it and editing usually requires user permission.
  • Gain access to the user group if sufficient experience and knowledge of policies has been demonstrated.

Cancellation of Usership

Because wikis are modified voluntarily, you may also stop using, reading, or editing wikis at any time and without the user notifying you. The user account cannot be deleted or edits made with it, but the user page can be deleted upon request.

If the user becomes enthusiastic again, the wiki may be re-edited at any time. Under no circumstances will Maamedia force or oblige its users to do anything.

How user information is stored

User data will remain on Maamedia servers in Jakarta, Indonesia, forever. When the road to Maamedia sometimes ends, all data is destroyed. Currently, user information can be found in the database, but it is closely guarded and it is not really possible to access it at all by outsiders. Server administrators take care of servers and database security, and do not delete or view data for no apparent reason.

The data of all users is therefore in principle secure, and security is at the forefront of Maamedia. It is constantly being developed in various ways. The user can also request the deletion of some data. This should be presented to those people who have access to the Maamedia database and have a direct (sudo) connection to the server and everything from which Maamedia is managed. These include founders and server administrators.

Safety and Security measures

Maamedia ensures the safety of all users on all wikis. However, Maamedia does not take responsibility if the user acts improperly or is blocked, or if he or she is subjected to intimidation. However, the Maamedia usually hide the threats with the help of Oversighters.

Data is protected in many different ways and by anti-virus software. Only extremely few people, usually not from wikis, have access to the databases, and Maamedia's movements on servers, websites and in the database are monitored every day. If any of these are found to have an extra crowd, the database or similar site will be shut down and various measures taken to prevent others from accessing such information.

Maamedia commitments

Maamedia is committed to:

  • That everyone complies with this Privacy Policy even when its parts have been modified. At all times.
  • No user data will be sold or disclosed to anyone at any cost.
  • That all Maamedia wiki users are respected in the right way.
  • Avoids unnecessary actions or checks on the wiki user.
  • Be as flexible as possible in all matters and consult everyone’s opinion.