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Maamedia developers are the people who make and help Maamedia code. The developer can be anyone and then progress to become a member of the Code Team or Technical staff, for example. The developer will never have direct access to Maamedia files (only the founders and technical staff have such a right). However, developers see the code in Phabricator and Code-Wiki. They can use them to help Maamedia code and generate new code for Maamedia (e.g. tools or extensions).

Big code credits[edit | edit source]

Code credits can be given to Maamedia founders: Mito and Puma. They have both gotten this kind of thing from Maamedia with their big work and created several different wikis. Many thanks for the code are also given to the following:

  • TMDHosting
  • Ubuntu and Linux
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL
  • cPanel
  • Terminal, Powershell, cmd.exe
  • Niagahoster
  • MariaDB
  • LUA
  • Visual Studio Code
  • PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js
  • Composer
  • Git & GitHub
  • Asus & HP & Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Discord
  • and something others...

List of developers[edit | edit source]

Maamedia currently has two official developers who maintain wikis and other Maamedia services. In addition, they are System administrators and have partnered with Maamedia to:

  • Puma (Site Reliability Engineer, Leading Software Engineer)
  • Mito (Leading Software Developer, Site Quality Engineer)