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This is a list of all Maamedia wikis. For a complete list of all language versions, see Complete list of Maamedia wikis. Maamedia wikis have their own Discord channels (see this list) and one common channel called wikis.

Meta-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Meta-Wiki (this wiki) is Maamedia wiki planning, coordination and community wiki. New Maamedia wikis are being planned here, and Meta can make global blocking requests and locks, among other things.

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Commons-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Maamedia Commons is a place for you to upload freely usable media files. The files uploaded could be used on any Maamedia wikis.

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Masymanwiki[edit | edit source]

See also List of Masymanwikis (includes all language versions of Masymanwiki). Masymanwiki was originally a wiki that facilitated Wikipedia editors (provided up-to-date information boxes) but was broken down into another web address. Today, Masymanwiki is a manual, you can learn everything with Masymanwiki: even cooking.

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Data-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Data-Wiki aims to create a free knowledge base so that everyone could read. It is a wiki that provide data on all the Maamedia wikis and allow for a Central-access to data. A similar vein is Maamedia Commons-Wiki which does for multimedia files. Data-Wiki is a new Maamedia hosted and maintained project.

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Office-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Office-Wiki is a wiki for Maamedia for legal information and documentation and other public files. As if it is and joins the Maamedia Government.

Closed wikis[edit | edit source]

Some wikis are closed.

Community-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Community-Wiki is Maamedia community service. Although there is Meta-Wiki created originally for the global community, Meta is mainly for coordination and planning. Hence, it would be better for you to discuss the global stuffs on the Community-Wiki, also Maamedia's Discord channels as well.

Beta-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Beta-Wiki is a common beta version of the content of all Maamedia wikis. It is a collection of content imported from all wikis, including Masymanwiki, and has beta settings. It is partly in technical use.

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News-Wiki[edit | edit source]

News-Wiki is a wiki site for Maamedia news coverage. It provides information on upcoming updates, current events, changes to settings, and more. For this reason, the News-Wiki is protected so that only local administrators or global administrators and stewards can edit it.

Code-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Code-Wiki is a wiki that can only be edited by Maamedia Code Team or Technical staff for Maamedia entirely personal purpose, such as code checking and code storage. It can be read by anyone, but not edited. Editing requires either steward rights or local administrator or bureaucratic rights. However, the Code-Wiki can only be edited by those who actually encode Maamedia wikis. Code-Wiki has replaced Maamedia GitHub.

Login wiki[edit | edit source]

Login-Wiki is a wiki for Maamedia media logins. CentralAuth logins go to the Login-Wiki database, even if you log in with your combined username, for example in Meta or Data-Wiki. The Login Wiki is protected from changes: it can only be edited by global administrators and stewards.