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This is an expanded page for the purpose of Masymanwiki. This page goes through each purpose of Masymanwiki and explains what its goals are.

Guidebook[edit | edit source]

Masymanwiki is free-online guidebook. It explains to readers (i.e. people) guides on how certain things work or how to use things (a good example is the article How to use a dishwasher.) Articles on Masymanwiki most often start with the word "How to". For example, How to change a Windows theme.

It is also a guidebook for answers such as How bacteria are born. It is not an instruction to do things, but tells a person how they are born. This is an example.

On Masymanwiki, you can find answers to simple things, among other things.

Wikipedia—Masymanwiki[edit | edit source]

This is an extended list of the differences between Wikipedia (encyclopedia) and Masymanwiki (guidebook). Let’s go through the idea and main purpose of both wikis.

Wikipedia is encyclopedia. Wikipedia mainly tells what something (or person, state, etc.) is. It also teaches people (like Masymanwiki). The biggest difference between Masymanwiki and Wikipedia, however, is that Wikipedia does not seek to tell; how something works (Masymanwiki explains this in detail from start to finish also in detail and with related stock photos).

Masymanwiki is guidebook. As mentioned above, Masymanwiki explains in detail how something or device works. In some borderline cases, Wikipedia has instructions for doing some stuff, but in Masymanwiki, everything is told verbatim.

Based on sources (references)[edit | edit source]

In Masymanwiki, everything is based on sources and references.

Like Wikipedia, Masymanwiki has been maintained by sources and citations. It is much better and more reliable to read and rely on text written on Masymanwiki that is always sourced.

However, in some cases, references may not be available in the article. It may have been written entirely from the author’s own skill, for example, he may do so himself. However, there are certain and some strict policies in Masymanwiki about sources and citations, i.e. the basic idea is that all articles are referenced and there are no articles without sources or references.

The text and information on Masymanwiki must be verifiable by anyone. This means that the reader must choose to access a link that points to the original text (this is called the source in Masymanwiki). Now the reader can check the link to see if the information on Masymanwiki is correct. If they don’t like it, Masymanwiki would of course want the reader to correct the information. However, this matter is not the responsibility of the reader in any case.

Whenever an article does not contain references or sources, this is stated at the very beginning of the article in a notify template. This mainly means that you have to be careful when reading that article (not the guide) and it may not be true. Although Masymanwiki strives for truthfulness; to date, however, the references have been taken excellent care of and more than 90 per cent of the articles in all versions of Masymanwiki contain sources.

Multilingual[edit | edit source]

Masymanwiki, and in fact Maamedia, which owns it, wants to be a multilingual project, and we have succeeded very well here. The goal is therefore to be multilingual and to be available in all the countries of the world.

Multilingualism means that there are many different language versions of Masymanwiki (there are currently four different versions of Masymanwiki, a list of which can be found here).

Masymanwiki should be able to be read in all, or at least almost all, languages of the world. However, only four Masymanwiki have been set up. Maamedia is ready to set up new Masymanwikis later if there is a clear need for one.

Available worldwide[edit | edit source]

This is not only the purpose of Masymanwiki, but also Maemedia, to be available worldwide; everyone on earth can access Masymanwiki and can;

  • read Masymanwiki,
  • edit Masymanwiki,
  • share Masymanwiki,
  • enjoy Masymanwiki.

Masymanwiki thus makes every effort to be safe and complete everywhere. Masymanwiki will later be known to all people.

Help others[edit | edit source]

The purpose of Maamedia is to help people in different ways. To this end, Maamedia has set up Masymanwiki to be part of one of Maamedia’s goals.

Masymanwiki provides practical guidance for those who need or require it. At all times Masymanwiki is constantly expanding!

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