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Welcome to the Maamedia Meta-Wiki (often shortened to Meta-Wiki or simply Meta), a wiki for coordinating amongst the Maamedia projects.

Purpose[edit source]

Meta serves three distinct roles, which are all closely related but often involve different subsets of users.

  1. Discussion and formulation of Maamedia wikis, in particular policy discussion relevant across projects, such as open-content licensing. The central venue for discussion is the Maamedia Forum.
  2. A place for interlingual (cross-wiki) and international coordination concerning the Maamedia wikis and the Maamedia movement in general, including discussion in languages other than English. This includes requests (for pan-Maamedia or other wikis), translations and news, and the description, documentation, and discussion of real-life activities and facts related to the Maamedia and affiliates. See also reports, events, outreach, and grants.
  3. A forum for personal essays about Maamedia projects. Because these are usually not delivered from a neutral point of view, they should be summarized on neutral issues pages from multiple points of view using formats such as TIPAESA or its subset IPA. There is a degree of freedom in determining what is related to Maamedia wikis, which makes Meta also a meatball wiki of sorts, discussing such matters as wiki culture and patterns. Documentation of MediaWiki is mainly excluded now (see below). This role includes more formal research and related discussion.

The categories provide a big-picture representation of Meta's content.